Why do basic accounts allow 15 all rights reserved registrations?

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We have run into some users wanting to know why free of charge basic accounts have a limit of 15 "all rights registered" works and we want to explain the reasons behind this.

It's important to keep some ideas in mind:

Keeping basic free of charge accounts with autonomous and indefinite storage of evidence has a high economic impact in a company like ours. To be able to keep on innovating and making the whole system sustainable so that the freemium model is viable the usage of our services has to be profile usage oriented.

When systematically using "all rights reserved" protection mode declarations we need to realize that we are entering an environment in which for any use of the registered work a permission or sale will inevitabily be required; for that to be a pleasant experience, which we highly value, we consider that using a premium or professional account is necessary.

Besides the possibility of making those 15 "all rights reserved" registrations, allowing to fully test the services Safe Creative provides, it is possible to keep using the free account when we also allow direct free uses of our contents with more or less conditions, such as when using Creative Commons licenses.

Also consider that the premium account means only about 3 euros a month and has many other very interesting advantages.

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