What is Safe Creative’s Legal Service?

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This is a legal aid service included in the Professional and Corporate Accounts.
Contracting this service users will be able to get legal advice or answers* requiring legal guidance on issues concerning the rights involved when creating copyrighted works and its uses to expert lawyers in this area of the law. Shall not imply the reviewing or drafting of claims, demands, complaints, contracts, reports or opinions or other writings, actions or administrative or judicial proceedings.
Also allows access to our legal support database without limitation. The database contains resolved queries, reports, articles and analysis developed by legal professionals according to the most common or relevant issues that have been and that will be keep being proposed .
Letters of "Cease and desist" that can be used in alleged copyright infractions.
And, also without limitation, the assisted drafting, through the access to the repository of most commonly used contract models, for copyrighted works.

The service applies to Spanish, Argentinian and USA jurisdictions having one by default in professional accounts and the rest might be added. Others will follow in the future.

This service can be contracted at "My Account" - "Professional Services".

*Check amount of allowed queries at the pricing page.


To check prices go to:  http://www.safecreative.org/pro

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