What are versions of works?

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One version of a work is when we change it substantially in such way it's necessary to perform a new registration. To keep the traceability to know from what original work it comes you can use this system to manage different versions of the same work. Just enter the original work and choose to register a version. It then adds a record associated with the original work but independent.

Feature included in Premium and Professional Account.

You have only to clic on the first recorded work at the contextual menu and select recording a new version.

The system will ask you to activate this professional functionality if you haven’t already done so (to recharge points for professional functionalities is free of charge during testing period) and then you will be asked to browse for the new version file. The default system takes the registration data of the earlier work.

Once a new version is registered, the information about any version existing will be displayed in the registration page of all related works.


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