Technical description of the guarantees offered by the online registration service Safe Creative

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Ensuring the integrity of the registered work:

The registration record is accompanied by a digital copy of the copyrighted work or of a representation or description sufficient for unambiguous identification of the content.

In conducting the registration, the computer system uses two functions or algorithms to generate two different keys, of which each separately can be used at any time to check the integrity of the file.

Three keys are extracted from the deposited file: one usding a MD5, the other using a SHA1 algorithm and the other using a SHA 512 algorithm.

With this system the proof that guarantees that the file has not been modified is based on the fact that it relates not only to a single hash code, but to three different ones simultaneously.

The technical assurance of the integrity of a file that can simultaneously address two key hashes is absolute.

Registration date guarantee:

To also offer a reliable and irrefutable guarantee of the accuracy of the registration date, the system uses time stamping technology, and as it does with the file integrity identification keys, it is also applied reduntantly by stamping one time stamp to the registered file keys with Safe Creative's time stamp server, and over this time stamp applying a second one from Firma Profesional (Ministry of Industry of Spain homologated time stamp server) thus demonstrating the exact coincidence of dates in both servers at the moment it happened and therefore a total accuracy.

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