Safe Creative and traditional registries

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What is the difference between registering at Safe Creative or at a traditional copyright official registry?

When authors register their works on a copyright registry, they are creating an authorship proof they might use in case it's needed.

Safe Creative adds long requested values to improve security and legal enforcement to the new dimensions of copyright:

Works' format: Traditional registries have specific rules many times quite outdated. For instance they state that for musical creations it's mandatory to provide a score and do not allow the MIDI or .ogg nor .mp3 formats.

New licensing options: Besides authorship in Safe Creative, you can state the exploitation rights policy you want, as well as the most common open or copyleft licenses.

Global: As official copyright registries are national, you are limited to a territory. Safe Creative receives and gives information worldwide, so you can search for registered works in other countries.

Free of charge: Safe Creative has a basic service which is free of charge. Anybody can use it not needing to spend any amount of money.

Agility: Being an on-line service, authors can modify the rights they keep on their works. The registry keeps track of the license changes and end-users can check the actual rights at any moment.

Anyway, the deposit of a work in a traditional registry and in Safe Creative are not excluding. Authors can strengthen the authorship proof by registering in both systems.

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