How is a valid feed and what will it register?

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Important notes on the automated registration through an RSS feed

The RSS feed or files usually allow two publication choices:

1 -. Publication of only the headline and an intro with each item header.

2 -. Publication of the full content of the article.

By automating the registration of a website through your feed or RSS channel, Safe Creative will only take the very content recorded in the RSS file itself, so it is very important that it contains the full article, otherwise the registration evidence will only be of the headline and intro text that includes the feed.

Check the settings of your system to confirm that the feed includes all the content and, if not, change your settings as soon as possible.

We recommend that, once activated, you to check in the first registrations that indeed the feed is publishing articles with the correct format and content, being what you intended to register. You can do this by downloading the file registered and thus checking its contents.

Also keep in mind that any RSS feed to work properly must have a date and hour of publication for each post. This is common on most standard blogs, but could be missing in some cases, so, please check this too as the registration could not work as expected if date was missing.

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