How do I register a work?

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Once you have signed up for Safe Creative, from the registration screen you have to fulfill the requested fields.

* Title of the work.

* File containing copy of the work, or a description allowing no doubts at the time it is needed to identify the registered work. For instance, in the case of a sculpture, at least three pictures, in case of a project the whole detailed explanation, etc.

* The kind of work it is: literary (article, poetry, novel, essay...), audio-visual (musical or movie composition), artistic (drawings, paintings, designs, three-dimensional models, sculpture, engravings, lithographies, comics, photography, artistic performances or interpretations...), projects (plans, engineering or architectural designs, mock-ups, computer programs, databases...)

* Indications whether you are the author and register both authorship (moral rights) and exploitation rights, or if you register only awarded commercial rights.

* Language of the work, if relevant (for instance in case of a sculpture most probably won't be important)

* Kind of license of rights chosen for the work.

* Indication whether you want the registration to be public, this means that others can get information about who the author is and rights about the work (at and in versions of the system including work searches).

How to Register a Work in Safe Creative

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