Can I include rights information in the file of the work?

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Safe Creative provides the ability to generate a copy of the record with the following relevant metadata: Title of work, name of the author or authors and the link to the registration information page (URL). This way it is always possible to access the latest updated information of the registered work. The link to the registration page Safe Creative is a pointer to the address where the information is displayed.

Metadata is information included in the digital file.

It is possible to generate a version with metadata for the following recorded files: .gif, .png, .jpeg, .jpeg2000, .tiff, .psd and .pdf

In these cases the editing screen of the record has a link "Download file with copyright information", and if you select the registration type "Public registration and download allowed" you can establish whether the file to download will be the original or a copy with metadata. The latter can also be changed to multiple registrations simultaneously, selecting them in the list of works and choosing the edit action.

Metadata are exported using a standard nomenclature:

Title of work: Dublin Core: title
Author / s: In the authorship inscriptions (not the ones with only patrimonial rights marked) Dublin Core: creator and in pdf files also in the author field.
URL rights information: Dublin Core: rights and XMP-Rights: webStatement
Work Code: IPTC Core v1.1 v1.1 For XMP extension : regItemId
Registration Organization: IPTC Core v1.1 For XMP extension : regOrgId (points to

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