What is Safe Creative?

Safe Creative is the first copyright registry, based on the standards of the Berne Convention (UN), that informs about copyrights allowing rights holders to manage their rights in the Digital Era.

When registering a work, Safe Creative provides information, security and also self-management of copyrights.


Real-time information on copyrights, both for people through web interfaces, information labels, and for applications through semantic technology developed by Safe Creative: Semantic Copyright.

  • Who is the author and how to contact him or her?
  • How can I use this work according to the license?
  • What other works are there with this type of license or protection?


For authors: proof of authorship with a strong irrefutable registration by technological means: deposit of the work, recording of multiple fingerprints and double redundant time stamping.

For works’ users: certainty about the license and permitted downloading of certifications declarations.
Warranties in case of possible future license changes by the author.


Digital technology and the Internet make it possible to self-produce and self-distribute contents. Now Safe Creative provides the first platform to enable the independent direct self-management of rights for those creative amateur and professional authors that demand different ways to face the digital challenges of the Internet.

  • Music for videogames.
  • 3D virtual modeling software.
  • Freelance photography.
  • Books self-publishing.
  • Music self-publishing.
  • Etc.

Also, Safe Creative allows the registration of copyrights to authorship rights registered works, showing in the inscription:
– The title of the right,
– the area of operation,
– the time scope and
– the environment in which such ownership is specified.

All this recorded information can be retrieved from our website and documented through our registration declaration note for each registered work.

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