What is and how can I activate picture tracking?

The tracking service is a feature that will report you places in the Internet with copies of your pictures, being able to take actions as you wish.

– Locate or select the picture or pictures you want to track
– Hit “manage” if a single work or “manage selected” if several
– A pop up window will open with the different options. Choose “Enable image tracking”
– If the first activating this service from Safe Creative you will be asked to either create a new account or log into an already existing one (if you have any).
– Activate the tracking by clicking at the “Enable tracking” button.
– The system will be continuously checking for matches.

Check matches:

– Go to “Services – Tracking images”
– Found matches will be listed here.
– You can check the page where the match has been found or check details.
– If you hit details you will be able to make a PageStamper capture of the page with your image, if you have activated it and you can also go directly to ImageProtect page to request other actions and view the rest of the information.

Notice: This is a beta service. Specifications might change. ImageProtect service is free of charge for our professional users. ImageProtect will pay directly to our users through their account in that platform. There is a revenue share of the settled amounts: The revenue share is 50% of the net settlement after legal, collection, and/or processing fees.

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