What is and what is the use of adding more rights holders to a work

A work may have been created by two or more authors. In Safe Creative it´s possible to record new authors in a work’s registration so they will appear both in the information page and registration declaration to be sent.

1.- Go to “My registrations” or “Dashboard” view of your works and locate the record you want to manage.

2.- Clic on the work’s icon

3.- Locate “Authorship and rights inscriptions” section.

4.- Select “Add coauthors”

5.- A window will pop up and there you can add the email addresses to which the coauthors will receive the request to join as coauthors. They can accept it, or not, by logging into their own account, or create a new one if not having one already. To accept this coauthorship invitation basic account can too be used

6.- Mark if you will allow those coauthors to be able to modify the registration information or not

7.- Click on “Add rights holders”

Invited rights holders will be able to accept the request or not, using any type of account.

Invitation can be resent if coauthors get not the invitation.


This is a feature of premium accounts.

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