What is and what do I need an registration declaration of a work for?

The registration declaration is a document which contains all the authorship and copyright information that has been registered in Safe Creative for a specific work.
The registration declaration provides relevant data on those works we want to use and which are very valuable in the case of being warned of alleged misuse of it.
It is desirable that the user of a copyrighted work obtains it. Why? It identifies the work with the registration code, title, author or rights holder, registration date and, above all, with the valid license given at the date of application.
The note will provide support to users in the event that the author changes the license first given, for under the varying conditions might occur that he or she decides to claim misuse of an earlier accessed work.
Registered works can be deleted from the edition page, but for security reasons for those users who might have consulted the registrations and the rights, the deletion means that the inscription will not appear on the queries of the registry, but Safe Creative keeps the information as a security procedure.

The note, therefore, supports the user of another’s work.

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