What is a Registration Certificate?

Safe Creative’s certificate is a technically irrefutable true registration evidence independent even from Safe Creative.

The new registration evidence is twofold and together with the original file consists of:

– A proof of identification and integrity of the work, consisting of a triple fingerprint identification system: MD5, SHA1 and SHA512.

– An equally strong proof of the date and time at which this work was registered with a separated double timestamp for each work: by a certification authority approved by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, and the certification authority of Safe Creative.

This certificate may be downloaded or automatically received by authors. This way users will keep an evidence independent from Safe Creative.

The registration certificate that turns to be a full registration proof together with the registered file is available for Professional and Corporate accounts and will be automatically generated for records made from basic accounts also, so that those users may download them when hiring any of the aforementioned.

You can request the certificate by locating your registration at “My registrations” or your “Dashboard” and clicking “Manage registration – Download registration certificate”




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