What are versions of works?

One version of a work is when we change it substantially in such way it’s necessary to perform a new registration. To keep the traceability to know from what original work it comes from you can use this system to manage different versions of the same work. Just enter the original work and choose to register a version of it from the “Manage my work” button. It then adds a record associated with the original work but still independent.

How to use it:

1.- You have find the first recorded work

2.- Hit the management button and select “Register new version” or clic directly on the thumbnail in case of having a Corporate Account.

3.- Select the local file with the version of the work

4.- After is uploaded hit “Register new version”


Once a new version is registered, the information about any version existing will be displayed in the registration page of all related works and in the list of registered works.


Feature included in premium accounts.

To check prices go to: http://www.safecreative.org/pro

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