Safe Creative’s registration evidence

Safe Creative’s registration evidence includes, in a single file, all the elements that allow to unequivocally identify the work together with the time and hour of registration:

– The registered file / description of the work
– Three fingerprint identifications: MD5, SHA1 y SHA512
– Two time stamp for each work: by a certification authority approved by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, and the certification authority of Safe Creative

This is in short, to provide full evidence in judicial or arbitration proceedings, able to irrefutably identify the work and the time of registration.

You can request the evidence by locating your registration at

– “My registrations”

– locate the record and clic on it

– Download “registration proof”


– you can check several works in “My registration” view and use the “manage selected” to request the registration proof for several works at a time


To open the timestamp files there are several online services and programs:


For Windows:


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