What is the Professional Account?

The Professional Account has a 15Gb disk quota and includes these services:

The Professional Account is aimed to advanced users that need unlimited monthly registrations, with any kind of rights declarations. The service includes this features:

– All the services of thebasic account plus:

– Unlimited monthly registrations for any type of rights declarations

– Dropbox automated registration

– Registration certificate

– Registration proof download

– Private registration (no public registration information)

– Registration of versions and evaluation versions of works

– Co-authorship registration

– Pseudonym in public profile

– File attachment to user profile

– File attachment to registrations (licenses, drafts…)

– Work collections

– Registration code reservation

– Metadata addition to registered files

– Copyright experts assitance: consultations, “cease and desist” letters, contract wizard, legal knowldedge base

– Custom licenses

– Full access to works management and public registration information



To check prices go to: http://www.safecreative.org/pro

Purchase: https://www.safecreative.org/purchase/professional

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