How to send works to CreativePeople?

CreativePeople is the social network of SafeCreative, to promote the creators of musical, literary, and visual works.

Works can be sent to be featured on CreativePeople these ways:

  • During the registration process. When you register a work, you can select the option of allowing to preview it, download it, or viewing an evaluation version. If any of these options is available, the work can be sent to Creative People for more visibility. It must also belong to one of the aforementioned categories (text, music, illustration, photography, and crafts).
  • Through a registration profile. “My Account” > “Registration profiles and licenses”. When creating a new registration profile, there is an option to send works to CreativePeople. This way, anytime a new work is registered using this profile, it will also be sent to the social platform for more visibility.
  • Sending previously registered works. A work that has already been registered can be sent to CreativePeople from its own information page. There is a list on the left with an option to do so, as long as a the work can be previewed, downloaded, or an evaluation version is available to peview. It should belong to one of the categories featured on CreativePeople (text, music, illustration, photography, and crafts).

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