How to increase the level of identification of a user account?

To increase the level of identification of a user account, we should know that these are 4:
How can a user go up to another level?

Level 1: email address and access to the account has been confirmed.
Level 2: The user has added to the account, besides email, basic contact information: postal address and telephone number.
Level 3: Safe Creative user accesses using an international identity certificate issued by a company (now Verisign: or has purchased a professional account on the registry.
Level 4: Safe Creative user accesses using a digital identity certificate issued by an Administration (now the DNI-e of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain and FNMT certificate from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain)

If the confidentiality of the user’s password has been compromised, it should be changed for a new one going to “My account”.
If the copy of the digital certificate and it’s PIN has been compromised, it also should be de-attached from “My account”.
The certificate might be revoked by the entity that issued it, thus enabling legal repudiation of any activity performed in dates posterior to the revocation instant.
It is important to state that the rigor and validity of the registration in Safe Creative is based on the proper use of the technology the user manages.

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