How can I include Safe Creative’s registration labels in the same document being registered?

You can set registrations to have a 24 hours perido after uploading whre it remains in pre-registration, a period during which it is possible to edit it to perform any change, including the same file.

If you want to include in the registered work the registration label:
1 .- Make the standard registration of the work.
2 .- Once registered, in the listing of works (“My registrations”), select the “Manage registration” button and select the “Informative labels” icon.
3 .- Choose the label you feel is most appropriate.
4 .- Paste the label on the part of the work that you think is more appropriate.
5 .- Before the end of the 24 hours pre-registration period, edit the entry and replace the uploaded file with the the one that now does have the label in it.


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