Collections, a single label for several registrations

It’s possible to generate a single label to inform in the Internet about the registered item that are part of a collection, such as a music album, an anthology, etc.

To create a collection we have to log into our account and:

1.- Go to “My registrations” or “Dashboard” in the case of Corporate account.

2.- Select the works to be part of the collection. You’ll b e able to add more in the future.

3.- Hit the manage selected button

4.- Select “Add to collection”

5.- Create a new collection or use an existing one

Once you have a collection and wish to get the identification labels, links or change the order of the items in it, go back to “My registration” or “Dashboard” main tab and:

1.- Where you’ll find “My registrations” and “My collections” hit on this last one

2.- There you’ll be able to see, edit, grab labels or delete the collection. Notice that by deleting the collection you will not delete the registrations in it.

This is a feature included in Professional and Corporate accounts.


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