Automatic registration from Google Drive and DropBox

It is posible le to configure your account at Safe Creative to automatic register your files stored in GoogleDrive and DropBox

– Log into your account
– Go to “SERVICES – automatic registrations”
– Clic on the “Google Drive” or “DropBox” tab at the right
– Clic on “New registration from Google Drive/DropBox”
– Follow the wizard to add name, name of folder. If not existing the folder will be created in Google Drive or Dropbox*.
– Then you will be prompted to authorize that Safe Creative registers from your Google Drive or DropBox
– Once authorized wait a few minutes to put your files in the Google Drive** or DropBox folder

*In the case of DropBox new folders will be created in the applications folder.

** In Google Drive editing files in the registration folder will mean them to be registered again, so it’s advisable only to put final or near final works there. All files will be exported and registered as PDF files.

Category: 3.- Advanced features

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