C3S SCE and Safe Creative announce cooperation

August 21, 2014, Duesseldorf/Zaragoza – At c/o pop convention Cologne, the upcoming Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S SCE) and Safe Creative announced their joint declaration to cooperate. C3S SCE is open to multiple ways of licensing for musical works matching perfectly the registry approach of Safe Creative.


C3S SCE and Safe Creative are committed to work together to explore and study collaborations between them. The aim of their collaboration is to both allow their users to seamlessly integrate registration, rights information, enforcement in a fair way and collecting at the same time. Users still can use any other service or system of their preference.

Mario Pena, CBDO at Safe Creative: „Safe Creative acknowledges the effort of C3S SCE and considers it a great project as it brings a wider scope in licensing and more flexibility to creators when deciding how to generate value out of their contents. Safe Creative is all in favour of giving options to users and in particular when they are allowed to work on specific creations.“

Wolfgang Senges, Executive Director C3S SCE, points out: „C3S SCE recognizes that online private registrations such as Safe Creative are useful tools in a digital context to help creators express and enforce their rights in whatever form might be, ranging from ‚all rights reserved‘ to ‚some rights reserved‘. Forced limitations by providing only one of both options does not represent the real world.“

Both entities, technology based, represent the need to adapt creators’ tools and organizations to the digital era taking advantage of the possibilities of the Internet.

With the knowledge of both entities and the feedback of creators, authors and companies, C3S SCE and Safe Creative will identify, analyze and tackle the challenges to find and develop innovative solutions by joining forces whenever possible and necessary.

About the C3S SCE

The C3S SCE started in 2010 as an initiative for the founding of a modern collecting society for music.

An increasing number of musicians can not, or do not want to, be represented by one of the existing collecting societies. The C3S SCE is conceived as a European cooperative association (not as an economic association), where all users have the same right to vote (not only those with a high income). It is the goal of the C3S to use modern communication technology in order to enable uncomplicated processing and optimal fairness of distribution.

Unlike the exclusive representation of an artist’s full catalogue of works, which is required by the GEMA, the C3S will allow the licensing of individual works. Apart from the classical copyright, the support of all Creative Commons licensing contracts will create market equality for alternative licensing concepts. After a successful start in Germany, the area of certification will be gradually expanded all over Europe.

About the Safe Creative

Safe Creative was founded in 2007 to provide simple and affordable registration services to match today’s digital creators’ needs. Since then it has become the leading online copyrights registration service in the Internet with over 130.000 creators, companies and rights holders using its services to inform and manage their copyrights information on and off line.

Safe Creative also interacts with other online services and projects in very flexible ways to add value in both directions, keeping always authors’ real and ever evolving needs in mind.

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