Improving Safe Creative: Dropbox, Argentinian legislation and CreaTVPlace

dropboxWe are pleased to share with you a series of improvements we have introduced to Safe Creative’s accounts; Integration with Dropbox and Argentinian legislation for users with accounts with legal assistance service that wish to hire it as well as to remind you the imminent release of CreaTVplace:

  • Do you use the popular service Dropbox to store your backup files in the cloud and in all your devices? Well if so, or if you plan to use it, and have hired a Safe Creative premium, professional or corporate account, now you can set your account to automatically register your original works you keep in your local Dropbox folder.
  • Now you can hire, starting from the professional account, the Argentinian legislation for legal queries on issues relating to copyright adapted to the laws of that country. It can be hired when purchasing the professional or corporate account, or can be added if you already hired any of those account types.

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