Registration is not compulsory, so I need to do it

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The truth is that registration of works is not necessary nor compulsory in order to have all your rights reserved. So the question usually is: Then why should I register my contents for?

Well, the fact is that despite the kind of copyright declaration you want to make, or your philosophy, some kind of infringement might happen. Yes, that is true.

You can do your best to avoid willing and or unwilling  infringement, but it can happen. An when something you don’t like happens is clearly better to have evidence of your authorship constructed in advance than trying to build it afterwards. Actually judges use to see suspicious to try to generate that evidence after the damage has been done than before.

So, in Safe Creative, we think that by registering with a private registration system like ours you have the best simple tools to minimize the natural risks that exist:

  • First: by being able to put labels or links to the registration information page so dissuading infringers and providing key information and
  • second: by having an early evidence to be in a stronger possition in any negotiation or legal conflict




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