The New Paradigm of Content Protection by Online Registries

Safe Creative is a copyright registry trying to give value to a new paradigm of content creation.

This new paradigm, is our belief, means that the best way to actually protect contents is to be able to deliver together with it information about author and rights that might interact with any program or service maybe on a semantic web way. An online registry is what actually does: Serves information. The more accurate and the more accesible the information the better the protection or “safer” the travel of contents through the Web.

We don’t mean to “protect” meaning not allowing copy, but instead to be able to deliver enough information together with the content to dissuade plagiarists as they realice content is registered and can be tracked and at the same time ease legitimate reuse of it. Doing this for free, of course, is something that might socialize and standardize content registration in the future.

I think this is just a beginning of a new era of digital services, and we are working on some technologies to provide deeper and stronger content identification together with some tools to fairly spread knowledge of those contents. But we are under development of these technologies.

On the other hand, right now our efforts have been conducted to achieve a strong and good content storage and authoriship claim proof. This proofs can be easily used on court if necessary. We are also starting some collaborations for content tracking through the Internet.

If we understand that right now the biggest risk for contents is not to be able to achieve awareness about them, giving tools to allow a safer spreading of them in the Internet is the clue to find the minimal protection needed to ensure those contents will not fall into deadly oblivion.

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