The Registry Label

The moment the rights of a work are more vulnerable is when it has been just created, because for the author is difficult to prove the work is his.

As the author all property intellectual rights are yours. You decide how to use and distribute your work. You can sign contracts, or free some rights, but only if you are the author.

The best safety rule is prevention. If you have just created your work, and you want to send the draft to the media, or publish it, the best advice is to register and distribute it with the registry label.

This way you will have the authory proof of an independent registry, and the label allows:

  • to consult the work rights any time
  • to prevent from plagiarism

How to get it

1.- From the registered works list, select “see”

2.- At the bottom of the page select “labels”

3.- Choose the model you prefer, at 72, 150 or 300 dpi.

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