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World Intellectual Property Day celebrates innovative women

“Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity“. This is the theme of 2018’s World Intellectual Property Day, a celebration that takes place every April 26. The campaign will focus on celebrating “the brilliance, ingenuity, curiosity, and courage of the women who are driving change in our world and shaping our common future.” (World Intellectual Property Organization) We love the topic,… Read more →


Industrial Design and Copyright, according to WIPO

Can fashion designs, works of artistic craftsmanship or industrial designs, in general, receive copyright protection? We are frequently asked about these types of works, which stand on the verge of what is considered intellectual and industrial property. This is a subject of debate even among experts since there are several points of view and all of them can be argued in… Read more →

Legality and national and international legal effectiveness of Safe Creative’s Copyright Registration Service

There is little doubt about the legality and legal effectiveness of Safe Creative´s private copyright registration. When dealing with copyright, any evidence, public or private, is admissible; being the one provided by Safe Creative very robust (it uses triple fingerprinting “hash” and double timestamp)… Most registries, including those offered by the states, have the basic value of a presumption and… Read more →

WIPO and Private Copyright Registrations

The World Intellectual Property Organization says in its official web about the “Copyright Registration and Documentation” (1): Principle of Protection without Formalities The prohibition of formalities for copyright protection is the result of a historical process. Before the 1886 Berne Convention, each country had its own rules for recognition of copyright in a work. Consequently, authors had to comply with… Read more →

Safe Creative speaks at WIPO event

Safe Creative speaks at WIPO (World Intellectual Copyright Office) important event about private copyright registration services. We have been invited to tell our experience and ideas regards the need to have online private registration services to solve todays and tomorrows creators challenges. Here some pictures taken at the event: Borja Adsuara, Of Counsel, Safe Creative, highlighting some of the main… Read more →

New home, USA jurisdiction and WIPO event participation

Safe Creative releases a new homepage. We’ve simplified the home page with a new design that leads you directly to the basic information about Safe Creative. It is a clearer home with less distractions that provides an easier way to access important information. Faster and easier than ever! You can already see it on http://www.safecreative.org We also want to remind… Read more →

Safe Creative will talk about private registries at WIPO conference

Safe Creative has been invited by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to the Conference on Copyright Documentation and Infrastructure in Geneva October 13th and 14th to talk about private registries, our vision of interoperability and the challenges of the starting digital era. Safe Creative has collaborated in the survey of Private Copyright Documentation Systems and Practices during the past… Read more →

Conclusions after the Registries and Semantic Technologies Conference

Last May 20th we organized the First Conference about the Role of Copyright Registries in the Global Digital Networks with the participation of prestigious authorities on copyright issues both national (Spain) and international. We want to specially thank the presence of Mr. Richard Owens, (Director of Copyright E-Commerce, Technology & Management Division, World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO), Mr. Leonardo… Read more →