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Multiple inscriptions screencap

Registration profiles with multiple rights’ inscriptions

Thanks to recent changes registration profiles allow the automatic onclusion of various entries of delegated rights in the works. They can be either economic rights, for both professional and copyright agent accounts, or the rights of clients represented by copyright agents. Each profile may include as many inscriptions as necessary. Once the inscriptions are made in these profiles, there is… Read more →

Safe Creative unifies the Premium and Professional account services.

Safe Creative’s account model is simplified: Basic or free, professional and corporate The professional account becomes more affordable by lowering its price. All Premium accounts are upgraded to Professional ones, with more services at a lower price. Safe Creative joins into a single account the premium and professional services thus leaving three the ones that can be contracted: basic, professional… Read more →

Legal assistance now available

With this new service, Safe Creative offers a complete platform for creative professionals. In addition to registration and reporting systems to assert copyright information and the platform to sell and license creative works, authors can now access a legal assistance service. They can state their own queries* to get the legal guidance of copyright lawyers, request assisted drafting of contracts… Read more →