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Improving Safe Creative: Dropbox, Argentinian legislation and CreaTVPlace

We are pleased to share with you a series of improvements we have introduced to Safe Creative’s accounts; Integration with Dropbox and Argentinian legislation for users with accounts with legal assistance service that wish to hire it as well as to remind you the imminent release of CreaTVplace: Do you use the popular service Dropbox to store your backup files… Read more →

News April 2010, RSS feeds, cease and desist letter, request of other uses of works

We want to report some new features we’ve created for you. We are confident you’ll enjoy them like for instance the automatic registration by RSS, or the possibility of sending cease and desist letters. We want also to recall some features already deployed… and an interesting initiative we are collaborating with: – Registration feeds. You can automate the registration of… Read more →

News February 10

Hello everyone, Many of you might have noticed some changes in Safe Creative. With some delay we want to go through some of them, but first we wish to clarify that professional features are additional and optional to the free of charge basic registration. During testing period to load credits to acquire these features is also free of charge. You… Read more →

Newsletter October 2009

Hi all, There is much to tell and little time, so we are going to update you with some of the developments and news around Safe Creative.Hope you like them! * Lets begin by commenting that we have our open API running so you can create any type of application to register and / or consult our registry. To encourage… Read more →

Newsletter 11-17-2008

newsletter 11-17-2008 Hi all It’s a pleasure to get in touch you with our first newsletter; something we owed you since the beginning of this project, more than one year ago. I’d like to start telling you that, since July 2008, Safe Creative is part of Communia, an organization founded by the European Commission, in order to create a network… Read more →