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Clarifications about the new Copyright Directive

On Sept. 12, the European Parliament passed the new Copyright Directive for the European Single Market. This marks the beginning of the three-party negotiations necessary before the final approval of the Directive, which will be subject to vote soon, at the beginning of 2019. If the final version after these negotiations passes, each EU country shall have a maximum of… Read more →

Legal assistance now available

With this new service, Safe Creative offers a complete platform for creative professionals. In addition to registration and reporting systems to assert copyright information and the platform to sell and license creative works, authors can now access a legal assistance service. They can state their own queries* to get the legal guidance of copyright lawyers, request assisted drafting of contracts… Read more →

After the Creative Commons Technology Summit

The Creative Commons Tech Summit is over. It’s been quite an intense day in which many interesting things have been said about registry sistems, the use of licenses and the semantinc web, or “data web” as many did prefer to refer as. During the next days we will be pointing the most important points that went under discussion. We believe… Read more →