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Next Events in South Korea and Germany

Next June 26 we will talk in Seoul, South Korea, about Safe Creative and its relationship with the public domain, specifically, the Creative Commons licensed works. We will also comment on the challenges that arise in areas such as culture, official entities and education. http://www.gonguconference.kr/2019/index_e.html The event will be attended by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of South… Read more →

Support Creative Commons today

As you all might know, Creative Commons is the most important content license in the Internet and right now is quite close to achieve its donation campaign goal of $500k. So if you have a couple of minutes and wish to contribute to this great project that helps creators and content users to respect their respective interests in the digital… Read more →

Events this June in New York and Turin

This summer of 2009 we have been involved in various events. The first one has been the Open Video Conference, sponsored by Safe Creative, held in New York June 19th to 21st. During three very intense days, much has been said abut the future of video in the new digital Internet era. We have been analyzing the risks, challenges and… Read more →

Returned from Boston

We’ve just arrived from the Second Tech Summit of Creative Commons at the MIT, Boston. It’s been a real interesting event and an unique oportunity to know the new stuff around licenses and registries, settle collaborations and speak again with the leaders of some of the most attractive initiatives in the Net and which the ones we are going to… Read more →

Safe Creative in Communia Workshops in Amsterdam

Last 20th October Safe Creative assited in Amsterdam to a workshop on public domain by Communia, an organization co-founded by the European Community, being our company member since July 2008. During this workshops we discussed about public domain on various levels; legal, technological, strategical, economic, etc. Registering Public Domain View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: api free) The… Read more →

SafeCreative.org gives semantic web adapted tags with ccREL

Several weeks ago, the html code we use in our tags at SafeCreative.org after blog and individual works registrations, aswell as the pages where registration details get explained when creative commons licenses are used (http://www.safecreative.org/work/numberofwork), is adapted to the semantic web. This code incorporates the Creative Commons, under W3C standards, ccREL tagging. This means that humans, aswell as machines, get… Read more →

Creative Commons Technical Summit at Google part one

Past June 18th we participated in the Creative Commons Technology Summit at Mountain View’s GooglePlex, San Francisco. It was the first technological event about registry and ccREL semantic web standards issues. The goal was to show the ccREL capabilities and the importance of this standards for registries like SafeCreative.org and others. Joichi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons after Lawrence Lessig,… Read more →