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WIPO and Private Copyright Registrations

The World Intellectual Property Organization says in its official web about the “Copyright Registration and Documentation” (1): Principle of Protection without Formalities The prohibition of formalities for copyright protection is the result of a historical process. Before the 1886 Berne Convention, each country had its own rules for recognition of copyright in a work. Consequently, authors had to comply with… Read more →

Registry Copyright Observatory

In just over two years Safe Creative already deals with the recording of works of more than 25,000 creators, a volume that provides useful information and data about the ways people use registration services and licenses depending upon the kind of work or country. To offer this information and share it with all users, we just launched a basic version… Read more →

Events this June in New York and Turin

This summer of 2009 we have been involved in various events. The first one has been the Open Video Conference, sponsored by Safe Creative, held in New York June 19th to 21st. During three very intense days, much has been said abut the future of video in the new digital Internet era. We have been analyzing the risks, challenges and… Read more →

Conclusions after the Registries and Semantic Technologies Conference

Last May 20th we organized the First Conference about the Role of Copyright Registries in the Global Digital Networks with the participation of prestigious authorities on copyright issues both national (Spain) and international. We want to specially thank the presence of Mr. Richard Owens, (Director of Copyright E-Commerce, Technology & Management Division, World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO), Mr. Leonardo… Read more →