Registering specific and related rights of my works

Better registration from Facebook in Safe Creative

imagesWe’ve listened to your comments about the automatic registration from Facebook and have come with some changes in the way in which the works are recorded through the social network:

  • Now you can make registrations from Facebook pages you manage too!
  • Type of content to be registered can be defined from the beginning: text or images.
  • You can opt to have the system automatically write as a comment, the link which will point to the information page of the work.

To use this features we highly recommend removing the automation that you already have and re-enlist it, as we will need new permits.

This is a professional and corporate feature.

To use it do as follows:

1.- Log into your account

2.- Go to “Services – Automatic registrations”

3.- Select “Facebook” on the right.

4.- “New registration from Facebook”

5.- Follow the wizard. You can add your personal wall, or a page you manage. Authorization will be required.



Check our professional services:

Any question, write to support

How to record coauthors

How to record oauthors.

How to automatically register your facebook publications

How to automatically register in Safe Creative your facebook publications

How to register copyrights in Safe Creative

How to register copyrights and related rights in Safe Creative

New features in Safe Creative: Facebook, rights declarations, notifications…

These are the new features just added to Safe Creative:

Automated registration of publications in Facebook.

Simply log into your Safe Creative account and go to “My Account – Automated Registrations – Facebook”, select a registration profile and validate it at Facebook when prompted.
Thereafter, to record the images or texts post you send to Facebook, simply add the hashtag #safecreative.


Area alerts and notifications

Also available in the menu bar area you will find a simple way to see and manage possible notifications and actions reminders that require your attention (inscriptions on pre-registration, automated registration alerts, etc..)

New feature: specific rights registration

Now, besides authorship and own default rights, you can also record specific rights to a third party’s right, indicating the type of right, the percentage, the geographical scope and distribution window you have.



And also happy to announce our welcome to two new partners who will use ourregistration to provide security to its users:

The first one with the registration already implemented is, a newly launched platform for a innovative way to self-promote and sell your music. You’ll find the information here:

And the second is a proyect that soon will incorporate the automatic registration in Safe Creative: a platform for new writers to be discovered both by fans and publishers and operating with in a novel and especially constructive way.

Delay in U.S. Copyright Office submitted applications

U.S. Copyright Office 2013-10-10 11-11-06Because of the U.S. Government shutdown the U.S. Copyright Office is also closed. Still they are accepting submissions of works through the digital channel we are using to send works for registration, so ve encourage you to keep on sending your works to through Safe Creative’s system as the U.S. Copyright Office confirms it will respect the date and hour of presentation. Anyhow, the resolution of the case may delay some additional time depending of the lasting of this shutdown.

Remember that to uso this service you have to have a Safe Creative’s Professional Account.

Introducing CreaTVplace in the International Film Festival of Sant Sebastian



In the context of the International Film Festival of Sant Sebastian, Safe Creative introduced CreaTVplace, the marketplace for TV formats.

Juancho Redondo, Safe Creative advisor, along with representatives from Google, EGEDA and Telefonica Spain, discussed the need to adapt the solutions offered to the creators and businesses to the digital reality they are living. In this context CreaTVplace commitment is to encourage the direct and secure establishment of contact between TV format creators and producers and televisions around the world thanks to the added assurance of registration of the displayed content in Safe Creative.

CreaTVplace starts off with the aim of remedying many of the difficulties that are not only the own of the creators of TV formats, but also those ones producers and distributors face when they often fail to contact the talent into bringing new ideas to expand their business opportunities and compete globally in the best conditions and with lower uncertainty.

Academic Plagiarism

When we talk about plagiarism we usually refer to people using somebody elses work as their own. Imagine someone using your picture in a magazine and not only not crediting you, but passing the picture as his own. The same happens with music, books, articles and so on.

What drives someone to be a plagiarist? Lack of time, of self-esteem… imagination.

Truth is never too simple, and less when we deal with plagiarism in the academic field. For  instance we have seen politicians having to resign after found evidence of plagiarims in their PH thesis.  What is different, special in academic plagiarims that deliver such consequences so long in time. has writen a very clarifying article about plagiarism. This article we highly recommend to take a look at will tell you about the blurred lines of academic plagiarism and will show you that far from just a few types of plagiarism, there are plenty, and sometimes students, and researches, do not even notice them.

This is plagiarism. It is not a new concept. People have passed the work of others off as their own, for centuries. The ease with which people can plagiarize today, however, is new. As technology reshapes learning, and more degree programs become available online, plagiarizers are finding new ways to not do their work. A study done by iParadigms, and reported by Marc Parry in The Chronicle of Higher Education, shows that high school and college students do most of their plagiarizing through social media and sharing sites, such as Facebook and Wikipedia.


Improving Safe Creative: Dropbox, Argentinian legislation and CreaTVPlace

dropboxWe are pleased to share with you a series of improvements we have introduced to Safe Creative’s accounts; Integration with Dropbox and Argentinian legislation for users with accounts with legal assistance service that wish to hire it as well as to remind you the imminent release of CreaTVplace:

  • Do you use the popular service Dropbox to store your backup files in the cloud and in all your devices? Well if so, or if you plan to use it, and have hired a Safe Creative premium, professional or corporate account, now you can set your account to automatically register your original works you keep in your local Dropbox folder.
  • Now you can hire, starting from the professional account, the Argentinian legislation for legal queries on issues relating to copyright adapted to the laws of that country. It can be hired when purchasing the professional or corporate account, or can be added if you already hired any of those account types.