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Safe Creative Copyright Registration, information and features

New features in Safe Creative: Facebook, rights declarations, notifications…

These are the new features just added to Safe Creative: Automated registration of publications in Facebook. Simply log into your Safe Creative account and go to “My Account – Automated Registrations – Facebook”, select a registration profile and validate it at Facebook when prompted. Thereafter, to record the images or texts post you send to Facebook, simply add the hashtag… Read more →

Improving Safe Creative: Dropbox, Argentinian legislation and CreaTVPlace

We are pleased to share with you a series of improvements we have introduced to Safe Creative’s accounts; Integration with Dropbox and Argentinian legislation for users with accounts with legal assistance service that wish to hire it as well as to remind you the imminent release of CreaTVplace: Do you use the popular service Dropbox to store your backup files… Read more →

Automated Registration from Dropbox

It is posit le to configure your account at Safe Creative to automatic register your files stored in DropBox. – Log into your account – Go to “services – automatic registrations” – Clic on the “DropBox” tab at the right. – Clic on “New registration from DropBox” – Follow the wizard to add name, name of folder (if not existing… Read more →

CreaTVplace will be online soon: The space to safely promote your TV Formats

The new registration platform and marketplace to promote television formats will launch soon, and as an introductory offer, Safe Creative users who have registered TV formats and want to get them to the main television and production companies, can use the promoting services for free and without any commitment for the rest of this year. I have read and… Read more →

About some changes in Safe Creative and contest by Universo La Maga

Just a few lines to comment a couple of things: – We have made some usability changes to improve the general menu and the account upgrade experience making it more intuitive. Check our simplified menu and if wanting to upgrade check our direct links to buy paid accounts once logged: and – If you want a free of… Read more →