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Milestone achieved: 80.000 users

We know it’s just a number, but an important one: 80.000 registered users. A nice milestone. It feels like it was yesterday when we started this proyect and only dreamed of a day getting this awsome number of registered users in our platform. And we all know that it’s been hard and it wouldn’t have been possible without a great… Read more →

Safe Creative will participalte in “I want it now! Creators addressing consumers’ needs in the digital age” Brussels

30th of May is the day chosen to discuss very interesting issues related to copyright and users’ rights in the 21st century as stated by the organization of the event at the Library of the European Parliament: “The aim of the event is to present a set of simple, practical and readily-available solutions to make the European copyright regime more… Read more →

Safe Creative defines the model of copyright registration of the XXIst century with technology

Facing the model based on the authority of the registrar, the model started by Safe Creative offers irrefutable proof based on technology A proof of registration valid by itself, giving autonomy and independence for authors to protect their rights. Safe Creative improves the registration certificate, transforming it into a technically irrefutable true registration evidence, which validity, based on the technology… Read more →

Safe Creative speaks at WIPO event

Safe Creative speaks at WIPO (World Intellectual Copyright Office) important event about private copyright registration services. We have been invited to tell our experience and ideas regards the need to have online private registration services to solve todays and tomorrows creators challenges. Here some pictures taken at the event: Borja Adsuara, Of Counsel, Safe Creative, highlighting some of the main… Read more →

New home, USA jurisdiction and WIPO event participation

Safe Creative releases a new homepage. We’ve simplified the home page with a new design that leads you directly to the basic information about Safe Creative. It is a clearer home with less distractions that provides an easier way to access important information. Faster and easier than ever! You can already see it on We also want to remind… Read more →

Safe Creative will talk about private registries at WIPO conference

Safe Creative has been invited by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to the Conference on Copyright Documentation and Infrastructure in Geneva October 13th and 14th to talk about private registries, our vision of interoperability and the challenges of the starting digital era. Safe Creative has collaborated in the survey of Private Copyright Documentation Systems and Practices during the past… Read more →