Author: Mario Pena

To preserve digital contents

One of the major challenges we are facing and will face in the coming decades is concerned with the preservation of the digital content created. Although at first glance it may not seem so, to preserve digital content is becoming very difficult even impossible in many cases. There are two basic questions that must be examined: a) The obsolescence of… Read more →

Is the Internet reality or virtuality?

Internet is not, although lot of people will think otherwise, an exploitation window such as TV or radio (one direction media). Internet is an amplified technologically based expression of the analog reality, thus something just as real also. To confuse the “exploitation windows” concept is something very dangerous and is happeing already in many aspects. It’s a philosophycal question, but… Read more →

Your summer pictures matter

Right, we all know that not all the pictures we take during your summer can be considered as art works, but as a matter of fact, and since we take so many pictures during these days, it’s likely to happen that we find ourselves with a couple of great pictures. And those images deserve some kind of protection because they… Read more →

Case of success with with electricity companies

It is very usual to have problems with some large companies that offer key strategic services such as energy or telecommunications. A common situation is that sometimes they simply ignore the messages of complaint they get from customers, being afterwards very difficult to prove that those messages have been actually sent. Such is the case a user of has… Read more →

Safe Creative will participalte in “I want it now! Creators addressing consumers’ needs in the digital age” Brussels

30th of May is the day chosen to discuss very interesting issues related to copyright and users’ rights in the 21st century as stated by the organization of the event at the Library of the European Parliament: “The aim of the event is to present a set of simple, practical and readily-available solutions to make the European copyright regime more… Read more →

Why is it important to complete your private data

Safe Creative is based on the technology to generate evidence of authorship as solid as economic and comfortable. However, to achieve the best evidence it is necessary to have the best information. ‚Äč‚ÄčTherefore the strength of a registration depends very much on the quality of the information each user provides. In addition to the file representing the work to be… Read more →

Safe Creative speaks at WIPO event

Safe Creative speaks at WIPO (World Intellectual Copyright Office) important event about private copyright registration services. We have been invited to tell our experience and ideas regards the need to have online private registration services to solve todays and tomorrows creators challenges. Here some pictures taken at the event: Borja Adsuara, Of Counsel, Safe Creative, highlighting some of the main… Read more →

Discover contemporary art with our new partner: Virtualgallery

We are proud to anounce that another project has started to use our registration services to provided added value to their users. is a very cool startup that allows amazing 3D exploration of virtual galleries. Just like being in a museum you will be able to browse great creations while listening to high quality music provided by (oh,… Read more →