Author: Mario Pena

Academic Plagiarism

When we talk about plagiarism we usually refer to people using somebody elses work as their own. Imagine someone using your picture in a magazine and not only not crediting you, but passing the picture as his own. The same happens with music, books, articles and so on. What drives someone to be a plagiarist? Lack of time, of self-esteem…… Read more →

CreaTVplace will be online soon: The space to safely promote your TV Formats

The new registration platform and marketplace to promote television formats will launch soon, and as an introductory offer, Safe Creative users who have registered TV formats and want to get them to the main television and production companies, can use the promoting services for free and without any commitment for the rest of this year. I have read and… Read more →

Will registration protect all my rights when I upload my content to Youtube?

This is a recurrent question, nevertheless not frequent, but worth mentioning. Short answer is: No. A longer approach requests a bit more text: 1) As author of an original work you have all the rights upon that work whether you register it on official or private institutions or not. Registrations are declarative: Thet do not give any rights as you… Read more →

Why do people register their works?

When we have to explain what is Safe Creative for we quickly reach a basic doubt: What is what motivates people most to register their creations? During thisyears we have found answers all kinds, and really there is not one single motivation, but several that come together at the same time; the priority although usually varies depending on the wishes… Read more →

What if we disappear?

A question we get quite often is about death; death of a proyect, of a company. It’s a fact, not that there’s a possibility that a company might dissapear, but when will this happen. Of course we want to exist for many many years, but it’s true that someday, in a few centuries of course, we will go away as… Read more →

To preserve digital contents

One of the major challenges we are facing and will face in the coming decades is concerned with the preservation of the digital content created. Although at first glance it may not seem so, to preserve digital content is becoming very difficult even impossible in many cases. There are two basic questions that must be examined: a) The obsolescence of… Read more →

Is the Internet reality or virtuality?

Internet is not, although lot of people will think otherwise, an exploitation window such as TV or radio (one direction media). Internet is an amplified technologically based expression of the analog reality, thus something just as real also. To confuse the “exploitation windows” concept is something very dangerous and is happeing already in many aspects. It’s a philosophycal question, but… Read more →