Certify audios with your mobile and Safe Stamper

It is now possible to activate the mobile microphone and record conversations discreetly.

Audio certification with SafeStamper App
  • The possibility of turning off the screen is included. Another touch and the screen turns on again.
  • Start recording as soon as you press “Audio”
  • Ideal for recording in situations of school or workplace bullying, domestic violence

To be able to certify photographs and videos we add the possibility of activating only the microphone and thus record conversations around where the mobile is. The audios are certified with the GPS position to show where the conversation took place.

As the audio is automatically saved in your account on the Safe Stamper website you can access it at any time, even if you lose your mobile.
It is important to first set up the account with sufficient prepaid credits or with a subscription account: https://www.safestamper.com/prices

Download the application:

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