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Automatic registration from your computer

ART (Automatic Registering Tool) is a program that registers your works from the very moment you finish them.

ART is now available as a beta program and with it you can convert folders of your computer into automatic copyright registration offices. So simple and so safe.

1.- Download and install ART

2.- When you start the program it will open your browser to log you into your account in Safe Creative. This way you can give the program permission to register your works.



3 .- Back with ART now you can select the folder or folders in your computer whose contents are automatically to be recorded in Safe Creative (1) – for each folder you have to indicate which registering profile will apply to the contents inside (2) – You might easily activate or stop the automatic registration of each of your folders (3).


That’s about all. Simply put in the folder or folders the works you want to register and they will be automatically recorded. Keep in mind you should have separate folders for different kind of contents such as pictures, writings, programs, songs, etc.

By clicking the “x” symbol to close the program it actually will continue to work in the background. To totally exit the application you will have to hit the door icon with an arrow at the tool bar. If you just want to stop the upload of works you only have to hit button “stop”.

If you are not familiar with the registration profiles know then that those are patterns you can configure at your account in Safe Creative (see Figure), indicating in each one which type of work and the license that will apply to whatever is registered with that profile. You do also state if the record will be private or public, if download will be permitted and if the information page will give a pseudonymous or the real name of the author, etc.