Safe Creative unifies the Premium and Professional account services.

  • Safe Creative’s account model is simplified: Basic or free, professional and corporate
  • The professional account becomes more affordable by lowering its price.
  • All Premium accounts are upgraded to Professional ones, with more services at a lower price.

Safe Creative joins into a single account the premium and professional services thus leaving three the ones that can be contracted: basic, professional and corporate. This way current premium accounts extend their functionalities with which until now were typical of professional ones. This change does not involve any cost, and in turn the price of professional account is lowered from 85 to €60.


In addition to these changes, all accounts will have the same available storage space to hold the registration evidence of the works: 20Gb, as well as access to the general inquiries about copyrights service that will be answered by copyright experts.

To ensure the strength of the generated evidence of all records that are made on any account, they will remain indefinitely in our systems and will be regularly revised to apply any new technological developments as they occur. Links and public registration information services will be permanent in any active professional and corporate account. In basic accounts public information services and records management will remain active for 12 months after inscription and can be turned back on by upgrading the account at any time.



How to register third party copyrights

Tutorial about how to register third party copyrights in Safe Creative


Dynamic labels in line

We’ve just deployed a new feature; the possibility to generate dynamic lables with basic registration information in simple lines.

This labels can show updated live data about three basic key informations: Title, author and license or rights declarations as the author configures.

You can access them at the informative labels section right by your registrations selecting the “line” layout in the dynamic tab.



Creative People is completely renewed

Inicio_·_Creative_People_-_2014-05-07_13.38.37Saragossa May 9th 2014. We are very happy to inform you about the launch of the new version of Creative People ( ) – the showcase platform for users and works in Safe Creative – including a complete redesign, new features and better and more complete functions to share your works in social networks. We invite you to visit the page, configure your public profile, and your presence in it and let the world know your work!


Besides the fresh new design we wish to highlight also some new or refurbished features:

- New smart labels to promote works anywhere
- Improved sharing buttons for today’s main social networks
- New and improved commenting system to achieve feedback and engagement
- Possibility to choose which works are displayed, some, all or none .
- The most valued and shared works will be highlighted at the top of the page
- Public profile oriented to social networks



Remember than in order to be able to promote a work in Creative People some sort of download, either an evaluation version with a sample of the work or the entire work, should be allowed.

Mobile version of Safe Creative

From today on all of you accesing Safe Creative from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, will be able to use the simplified mobile device optimized version of our platform.

This way you’ll be able to make basic registration directly of the contents you have in your portable device, such as pictures or videos.

So as soon as you take that astonishing picture, or end up having the next massive viral video, you’ll be able to create your copyright information page together with the best copyright evidence today’s technology can give you.

And is really simple to use. All you have to do is log into your account, select the tipe of content you are going to upload, then browse to select the file in your device

and upload it to complete the registration with some basic information such as rights declaration applying, type of registration, download allowed or not…

… and you are all set.

Also you can do basic management of your registrations, such  and search for other’s registrations.

If necessary you can revert to the conventional full web layout anytime, but you’ll have to log in again.

Hope you enjoy it. And if you have any feedback, you are more than welcome to let us know.

C3S is now registered as a European Cooperative Society




Düsseldorf, 31.03.2014 – Last Friday, the Cultural Commons Collecting Society SCE mbH was entered into the register of cooperatives of the local court of Düsseldorf (No. GnR 506). The C3S SCE is therefore now vested with legal capacity and capable of acting. Now, the first employees will be hired and the development project, which is supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, will be launched on May 1st.

“The entry into the register of cooperatives has been the last missing link. Now we are finally able to get going”, rejoices Meik Michalke, Managing Director and one of the initiators of the C3S. “It was a long way and plenty of work from the Startnext crowdfunding campaign until today.”

Wolfgang Senges (c) CC by-nc-sa by Barbara Senges

Wolfgang Senges (c) CC by-nc-sa by Barbara Senges

Wolfgang Senges, Managing Director along with Michalke and also one of the initiators of the C3S, says: “The foundation and the great support we received from our community have given us the necessary backing.
After the foundation followed the assessment by the cooperative union, which again was the condition for the entry into the register. Only after the registration we are able to receive the revenues for the shares that were subscribed to via Startnext, which, until now, were
held in trust there. Thus, the equity capital is completed, so that the project, which is supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, can be started.”

Michalke adds: “It was the moral support and the trust we have receivedfrom our community that enabled us to survive such an administrative marathon. We have been working at the development of the C3S for more than four years. Now we have reached our most important milestone so far and are ready to start – with, and for, our more than 800 members. The
next step will be the fulfillment of the requirements of the German Patent and Trademark Office, so that we will finally be approved as a collecting society.”

Attorney Meinhard Starostik, Chairperson of the supervisory board of the C3S, says about the legal and political significance: “Europe prevails, also with regards to collecting societies. The future European Union Directive on collecting societies and online licenses of musical works corresponds in the C3S SCE at the level of copyright allocation and licensing. Through the registration as a European Cooperative we are now vested with legal capacity and capable of acting all over Europe. We have founded C3S at exactly the right time and hope to commence full business operations next year.”


blog article (English):
press release (English, PDF):

blog article (German):
press release (German, PDF):

About the C3S

The C3S started in 2010 as an initiative for the founding of a modern
collecting society for music.
An increasing number of musicians can not, or do not want to, be
represented by the GEMA. The C3S is conceived as a European cooperative
association (not as an economic association), where all users have the
same right to vote (not only those with a high income). It is the goal
of the C3S to use modern communication technology in order to enable
uncomplicated processing and optimal fairness of distribution.
Unlike the exclusive representation of an artist’s full catalog of
works, which is required by the GEMA, the C3S will allow the licensing
of individual works. Apart from the classical copyright, the support of
all Creative Commons licensing contracts will for the first time create
market equality for alternative licensing concepts. After the successful
start in Germany, the area of certification will be gradually expanded
all over Europe.

Registrations filtering, coauthors in profiles and more…

Safe_Creative_My_registrations_-_2014-03-24_15.09.02We continue making improvements to our premium and higher Safe Creative accounts and now we want to share some of them with you all. We really hope you find them useful!:

  • Registration list filtering: When you have dozens or hundreds of works, it can get to be a bit difficult to manage them, so we’ve introduced the ability to introduce filters to make it easier to work with them: You can filter by status, type of work, type of license applied and in corporate accounts is also possible to filter them by clients you or your company represent.
  • Automatically add request to coauthors of works in registration profiles: When you add new or edit registration profiles you can now set coauthors to be invited each time a work is registered under that profile. This is a simple way to automate the process when some registrations must always associate one or several coauthors, as in the case of music bands, etc…
  • Safe_Creative_Edit_work_1403190384711_-_2014-03-24_15.08.31Upload evaluation versions from editing page: Now it’s much easier to upload evaluation versions of works as it will be done directly from within the editing page of the registration. You have only to go the registration item for which you want to upload an evaluation or demo version and click on the button next to “evaluation” in the “Files” section. You may upload a file for third parties to have a limited view of the work, such as the first chapter of your book, or a few seconds of a song. Slightly further to the right you can configure which of all the files can be downloaded from the specific information registration page: the entire work or the evaluation file.
  • Learn about the producers and broacasters using CreaTVplace: If you already have television formats at you now can see some companies specialized in TV formats that could see your projects. Some will be quite familiar.

If you haven’t a premium or higher account yet, visit this link now to get yours.


CreaTVplace services included in premium and higher accounts of Safe Creative

logoFrom today on, premium and higher Safe Creative accounts include CreaTVplace’s -the marketplace for television formats- promotional and publication services free of charge.

This service is now extensible to users with premium, professional or corporate accounts.

  • CreaTVplace is a service to publicize and promote TV formats between companies in the sector in a framework of trust and security, with the maximum guarantee of protection of copyright : previous registration of the format with Safe Creative and monitoring of all consultations by the searching companies.
  • It makes easier for interested broadcasters and producers to get in direct contact with the authors of these formats to start a negotiation.
    Provides information to the authors of the number of consultations for each of their works.
  • The search access is exclusive for broadcasters and movies producer companies.
  • Once a TV format is registered in Safe Creative ( category “Audiovisuals – TV Format ” ) you may “request more services” on the right of the work at “My Records” view to send it to CreaTVplace or…
  • … you can log into CreaTVplace directly with your Safe Creative user credentials as long as already have a premium or higher account.

CreaTVplace is a new platform that is currently in beta version and will incorporate improvements thanks to the feedback of both authors and producers and broadcasters.


To send any feedback and or if you are a movie producer or broadcaster, please contact us here.

Learn more about TV Formats protection.

Connected and other rights declarations now available for all Safe Creative users

From today on, all Safe Creative users will be able to record rights in a previously registered work: of authorship (as a performer, choreographer, photographer, writer , producer, etc. ) or related ( distribution, display, communication)

This was, so far, one of the features of the corporate accounts. From today on, Safe Creative wants to make it extensible to all users (basic, premium and professional accounts) so the recording of such rights information is accessible to all, depending on each type of account:

Basic accounts now include a total of 3 rights declarations in registered works, premium get 5 and professional 10.

This feature allows the recording and delivering of a more complete and detailed information, as this example showcases:


declaration notice


For more information:

Paid Safe Creative accounts now include free MailStamper certifications

Mail Stamper certifies the sending of emails: date, time, recipients and content, especially useful to protect your authorship when sending the first versions of a work (models, designs, novels, TV Formats, photographs, etc…) avoiding that the one who receives it claims the idea as of his or her own by saying it isn’t true that a email had been sent before (more information).
Safe Creative users of premium and higher accounts will have now available::
Account What they get
Premium Pack of 10 MailStamper certificates
Professional Pack of 50 MailStamper certificates
Corporate one year subscription to MailStamper’s professional account
If you use any of this accounts you will have this services for free in MailStamper and you can activate them from this page.
If you already had an account at MailStamper, it will be updated with the services and if not you can sign up for free with and the services will be included.