Safe Creators, new platform for creators

We launched Safe Creators, a new platform for creators for the promotion and visualization of professional creatives. Creative People will close definitively on December 31, 2020. The platform has served to promote the works of our creators for years. During the last few years, we have realized that the platform needed a major upgrade. After analyzing our long-term strategy, we… Read more →

Italy: We’re going!

Next stop, Italy. Since the birth of Safe Creative, our team of professionals has reached out to all those users around the world who needed help in the field of copyright. After many years of experience with creators and institutions around the world we believe that it is time to expand our horizons to provide a more personalized service in… Read more →

License signing, double factor, GoogleDrive and more

In these months we have been improving the use of the platform and increasing the capabilities of the advanced accounts. Much of this work has to do with performance, but you can try some interesting changes now, such as: Sign license agreements online. Login with double verification factor. Standardized related rights statement. Registration of works included in subfolders in GoogleDrive.… Read more →

Defending indie music with Safe Creative

We speak with Patrick de Arteaga, creator and user of our platform, who tells us about his experience using Safe Creative and Safe Stamper in a case of plagiarism of his music. Q- Hello Patrick, tell us a little about yourself. What do you do, what projects do you have, your background … Hello! My name is Patrick de Arteaga… Read more →

Safe Creative offers a registration solution for every need

Zaragoza as of April 14, 2020. With the incorporation of the express registration and the adaptation of the service accounts to their respective usage profiles: amateur, professional and corporate, Safe Creative offers a registration solution for every need: Express registration is the solution for users who want to register a single work or make sporadic registrations, and do not require… Read more →

Technology to avoid going out.

Many countries in the world, and millions of people, are experiencing something that has never happened to us on this scale. Given the new reality that we are going to have to experience for weeks or months, staying home as much as possible is key. For more than a decade Safe Creative has been offering the most advanced tools to… Read more →

Make it easy to reach you

Through the public information page of your works your fans can contact you. And that’s much more important than it may seem. The public information page is your best guarantee and partner in providing updated registration information. In general it fulfills several functions: Provide direct and updated information on the status of the registration. Registration of rights, declaration of rights,… Read more →